ATISS has developed a number of web-enabled applications for on-line media, CRM (Customer Relations Management), and data analytics, over the past 7 years.

Our applications output are not limited to just graphs and charts, but also have the capability of disseminating alerts to authorized parties. They offer multi-select functions to minimize input errors by forcing the consistent use of terminology and nomenclature across the application, and deliver information intelligence to the end user. We can also embed business processes to provide discriminating analysis that will deliver value driving answers.

The primary platform for applications developed by ATISS is Drupal Drupal is a free, open-source software that is used by individuals or groups of users to easily create and manage content within a web-based application.

Drupal is used by over 1 million websites spanning a broad diversity of enterprises including the aviation industry, telecommunication industries, universities, medical groups, and government agencies including the White House.